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Our Escrow Service
For your Assets:
Trustworthy, Reliable, Transparent.
As an established provider of escrow services,
we would like to introduce you to our customized offering
for companies. Our company has extensive experience
in the provision of escrow services for companies
of various industries and sizes.

We understand the unique needs of businesses
and are committed to providing you with high quality
and reliable services that meet your requirements:

Our Escrow Services for Companies include

1. Escrow Account Management:
We offer professional account management services for businesses,
to ensure that your financial transactions are managed properly
and transparently managed.

2. Mergers and Acquisitions:
Our experienced team can assist you with all aspects of mergers and acquisitions,
including due diligence, contract negotiations and integration.

3. Compliance Services:
We help you to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory
requirements to minimize the risk of fines and sanctions.

4. Asset Valuation:
Our experts conduct in-depth asset valuations to help you make strategic
decisions and evaluate business opportunities.

5. Escrow Services for Special Requirements:
We offer customized escrow solutions for special requirements
such as escrow services for funds, real estate and other assets.

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SourceWeb Law - Escrow Service - Transaction Options

As a escrow agent, we can manage various financial transactions related to Letter of Credit
(LC), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) and wire transfers.
Here are some of the services we can offer in this context:

Letter of Credit (LC):
A letter of credit is a payment guarantee issued by a bank.
It serves as a commitment by the bank to pay the amount to the seller,
provided that the conditions set out in the LC are met,
LCs are often used in international trade transactions to reduce the risk of non-payment.

We can receive and manage LCs on behalf of our clients to ensure that the terms of the LC
are properly fulfilled. If required, we can also assist with the creation and issuance of LCs
to ensure that all required documents and information are correct.

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC):
Similar to an LC, an SBLC is a payment guarantee issued by a bank.
The main difference is that an SBLC is usually used as a backup in case the buyer is unable
to make the payment. It is often used as security for obligations in business contracts
or financial transactions.

We support our clients in the management of SBLCs,
both in receiving and issuing them. Our services include monitoring SBLCs,
reviewing documents and ensuring that all conditions of the SBLC are met.

Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC):
A Documentary Letter of Credit is an LC that has been specially developed for international
trade. It is a payment guarantee issued by a bank that ensures compliance with the delivery
and payment terms agreed in the contract. DLCs help to minimize the risk for both parties
in a trade transaction.

Offer customized DLC solutions that meet the specific requirements and needs of customers.

A bank transfer refers to the electronic transfer of funds from one bank account to another.
It is a direct method of transferring money securely and quickly.
Wire transfers are used for both domestic and international transactions
and are one of the most common payment methods worldwide.

We accept transfers on behalf of our customers and ensure that the transactions
are processed correctly. We can also make transfers on behalf of our clients
and ensure that all required information is correct.

We are also happy to offer you other payment methods...


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